Invoice process

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According to the legislation of e-commerce, invoicing of the purchased products comes on the exact date of the payment.
In the Order Form you will find the provided spaces to fill out with Business Name, VAT number and Fiscal Code. You can't request an invoice with a different date from the one in which you place your order.

Invoice delivery
At the end of the month, our company will send to you your invoice via e-mail. If you placed your order after a login (with Username and Password) you can directly download your invoice from the page " your orders ".

Selling to private customers
If you don't have a VAT number, the legislation determines that e-commerce is not subjected to the emission of a receipt (since a sales book it's enough). The receipt sent to the customer by the e-mail provided in the Order Form can be considered as valid. Anyway, if the customer need the invoice, he can expressly ask for it during the filling out of the shipment data. To receive an invoice, the customer has to provide the fiscal code.

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