The philosophy behind Iaomai's project is the collaboration with experts in the field to which we turn.
For us it is a fundamental and essential rule, which arises from the most serious intention of wanting to propose a highly professional product that is up to the needs of our customers.
To achieve this goal, we use the constant scientific advice of highly qualified professionals and at the same time taking into account all the suggestions and advice that our users have communicated for years.
Without their contribution, Iaomai would never have become as advanced and precise as it is today.
Aware that the result obtained is only a starting point, we are constantly looking for new consultants, industry experts and enthusiasts to continue to build an increasingly efficient system in order to facilitate healthcare professionals and holistic.

For us Collaboration is synonymous with Family.

Scientific consultants

dr. Antonello Lovato

Surgeon, Director of the Ear Acupuncture Course at A.I.R.A.S. in Padua.
In 2001 he graduated from Matteo Ricci in Auricolate Acupuncture in the course directed by Dr. Romoli, whom he has known since 1998.
In 2002 he graduated from AIRAS in the four-year course of Reflex Therapy and Complementary Techniques and obtained the Italian certificate of Acupuncture of the F.I.S.A.
In 2012 he obtained the Diploma Interuniversitario di Auricoloterapia at the University of Paris, directed by prof Aimì.
In 2012 he obtained the Master of II level in Applied Phytotherapy at the University of Siena.
In 2018 he obtained a second level Master's degree at the University of Sassari in Auricular-Auricular Neuromodulation.
Former National Councillor and Regional Delegate for Veneto and official teacher F.I.S.A.
National Councillor of S.I.R.A.A.

Laura Lucchino

Former gymnast with some national and international tournaments in her past. In love with sport and movement in all its forms. After ISEF, he continued to study anatomy, biomechanics and the nervous system, to better understand human movement. With the aim of improving everyone's daily life and sports performance in professional athletes.
He created and manages the centre Boulegàn in Cuneo. Through Pilates, Gyrotonic, and other disciplines constantly cultivates his passion.

Nicola Revello

I am Massophysisiotherapist and Sports Masseur, everything comes from the passion for the care of the other that was transmitted to me by the great hands of my grandfather, when I was still a child, and those big hands that helped others to be better fascinated me, and without knowing it conditioned my future choices... from then on I followed the instinct to search for the self and the answers, passing from Shiatsu to Meditation, to Plantar Reflexiology, to the more physical research and Western vision of Massophysiotherapy and Osteopathy, but when you seem to know a little more, when Western culture seems to give the answers... you arrive at the deep listening of the self through the therapy Cranio Sacrale and there, you realize that the Human Being needs a balance Body Mind Spirit to be able to live in Health and Balance and that rationality can not explain everything... Teacher of techniques of the Sport Massage, Alpine Skiing Coach and various open air sports, I am convinced that only the original contact man-nature can give that necessary balance to the man in search.

dr. Zyon Levy

Doctor graduated in medicine and surgery at the University of Siena in 1993, specializing in anesthesia and resuscitation in Siena 1999. I work as anesthesiologist in various operating rooms, in 2012 performs Acupuncture diploma at the school of acupuncture city of florence (duration of 4). Activities of Anesthesiologist and Acupuncture Clinic in Siena Hospital. Contact person of the Siena hospital for complementary medicine to the Tuscany region

Carmelo Perlongo

An expert in Complementary Medicine trained directly in China, he has been studying the subject for over twenty years and is a professional in the sector, constantly updated. Holistic Operator specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sports Masseur qualified for post-traumatic rehabilitation, psychomotor rebalancing and postural discipline, devotes himself with a deep spirit of self-denial to his work, by working for the care and welfare of people.
Martial Artist, Certified Master of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu in the internal systems of baguazhang, Xingyiquan, taijiquan and qigong is perfected in Hong Kong where he goes every year to deepen his technical and professional knowledge both in the martial and in the traditional Chinese medical sector. He is considered one of the leading international experts in Martial Arts, awarded as Master of the Year and International Master of Kung Fu at the HALL OF FAME MARTIAL ARTS AWARDS in Genoa and Barcelona, he also receives the prestigious award of Knight of Sport in 2016.
His dedication and professionalism, characterized by an innate modesty of character, bring out exclusive traits of a man dedicated to the next, whose only goal of life, his Ikigai to say according to a Japanese principle (生 き 甲 斐), is to help others.

Roberto Taverna

Physiotherapist, recognized as an International Instructor of Namikoshi Shiatsu by NSE.
Co-founder of APIS (Italian Professional Shiatsu Association) and NSE-Italy.
Director of the Italo-Japanese Namikoshi Shiatsu School in Rome.
Teacher of Vodder's MLD method.

Douglas Gattini

Educational Director at Shambàla Shiatsu, Former President of the European Shiatsu Federation, Former President of the Italian Shiatsu Federation, Former President of the Interassociation of Health Arts, Member of the Board of Arbitrators of the Technical-Scientific Committee for Natural Health Disciplines in the Lombardy Region.

Giuseppe Orlando

Shiatsu Master at the Integral Shiatsu School, Shiatsu Instructor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Professional Nurse.

dr. Giorgio Eugenio Bertani

Integrated Medicine
has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, has specialized in Medical Hydrology - Thermal Medicine and in its activity implements the integration of complementary medicines such as Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Integrated Functional Medical Therapy and Biophysics.
Clinical Sexologist enrolled in the Fiss and practice, on request, the Eriksonian Hypnosis and/or the Sacral Skull Rebalancing for the achievement of a complete psychophysical well-being of the person.

dr.ssa Ilaria Peirone Grossi

Surgeon - Homeopath, Aesthetic Medicine, Acupuncture

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