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Iáomai is a study and work platform for professionals, teachers and students from the wellness and health sector. To use it you can connect from any device via the webapp on the website or by downloading the desktop or mobile app so you can work offline. The information entered in Iáomai is synchronized via the cloud on the servers and encrypted input and output to ensure data privacy.

The Iáomai platform is an integrated system of applications called "thematic maps" interacting with each other, allowing an integrated use from a single working environment. Starting from the 3D model of the human body and an archive of patients, it is possible to add, one by one, thematic maps of which you have an active license.

The thematic maps

To use the offered apps you must purchase a license that will be valid for all devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) and will have unlimited or annual validity depending on the type chosen.


Intended for the study of anatomy, it is the application that allows you to view human models in 3D by choosing the opacity of the anatomical levels and selecting multiple parts to read the details.

Unlimited € 0,00
instead of € 15,00*

(*) promotion valid until 10/31/2023

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Atlas of acupuncture points. Traditional Chinese meridians, extraordinary, luo, tendinei muscle, and tsubo are the key elements of this application. You can study the elements of Traditional Medicine and have an archive of case studies and pathologies without having to bring an encyclopedia with you.

Unlimited € 189,00
instead of € 349,00*

€ 59,00/year*

(*) promotion valid until 10/31/2023

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The map of the Shiatsu meridians will help you in your study and profession. With the smartphone version it will be easy and intuitive to follow the path of energy channels even during treatment.

Unlimited € 124,00
instead of € 249,00*

€ 39,00/year*

(*) promotion valid until 10/31/2023

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3D model of the ear with all the points of the auricology and the list of related pathologies. An ideal ear acupuncture tool suitable for doctors and acupuncturists.

Unlimited € 149,00
instead of € 299,00*

€ 44,00/year*

(*) promotion valid until 10/31/2023

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Medical file

Complete solution for managing patients, medical records and suppliers. You'll be able to schedule your treatments, history of ailments, track your symptoms, create reports, filter, do marketing, and more. Suitable for holistic practitioners, doctors, medical practices, masseurs and wellness professionals in general.

Unlimited € 98,00
instead of € 199,00*

€ 29,00/year*

(*) promotion valid until 10/31/2023

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