Christian Iallonardi

Concept, software, web, comunication and 3D graphics

Since childhood I was passionate about Human Anatomy, Art and Artificial Intelligence.
Today, in parallel with a personal artistic journey, I love to invent new things and build interactive computer systems and tools. Among the countless ambitions of adults is to create something that others can use to simplify and increase their productivity. iáomai is in part a synthesis of this path and my passions.
I dedicate this project to Giuseppe Iallonardi, a man who with his dedication and affection allowed me to be what I am and to achieve what I wanted. Thanks dad!

Luca Doglione

Concept, training, communication and sales

Thirsty for knowledge and always attracted by the bioenergetic world, after some experiences with Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu I was struck by Shiatsu and Zen philosophy. They say of me that I have an excellent communicative ability, attitude that I decided to apply in the project iáomai.

Roberto Crispo

Project Consultant and Testing

Shiatsuka, passionate and curious, goes in search of new paths and new why.
His idea of well-being sprouts in the project "Zen Shiatsu Campania". Imagine the Shiatsu treatment as a tale of a story, which refutes the idea of well-being in modern Campania Felix.

Alice Piacenza

Marketing and social media

Passionate reader, she lives in a world of her own from which from time to time she finds herself catapulted into reality, where she deals with social media and communication and talks about everything that goes through her head.
Since 2011 he has been part of the Board of Directors of Apodib (Professional Association of Operators of Bionatural Disciplines)

Vittorio Piacenza

T.C.M. content development

The blows of the mountain air, all a flow of energy.
Master Shiatsu and Thai therapist, I love the mountain so much that I chose to live in a house in the woods, alone. When I had black and thick hair I traveled the world to breathe the other cultures of well-being aimed at the person, which I then merged together in the school Corpo Mente Spirito


Denny Biasiolli

Software and app engeenering

Software developer since 2005, Hyperactive to exaggerated levels, always looking for something to do or learn. I alternate between technology and sport to try to discover my limits.

Elisa Iallonardi

Copywriting and texts

A past as a cook and a librarian, with a diploma in restaurant services technician and a degree in modern and contemporary literature, I am passionate about books and reading, I love the Italian language and words, especially written: if I have to express my thoughts, I prefer to do it through writing. Always ready to reinvent myself in front of the challenges that life presents me, now I'm studying Copywriting and Digital content marketing.

Daniela Borghese

Language curator

Always passionate about manga, Japanese anime and oriental culture, I ended up becoming a cartoon character myself.
I am convinced that it is necessary to live with a lot of self-irony, without taking ourselves too seriously; those who have too many certainties tend not to know how to adapt and I have learned that this is a fundamental aspect in the personal and professional sphere.
I love spending my free time in nature, cycling or walking in the mountains of my home.
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P.Iva: 03997200047
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