For Foot Reflexology
Discover the areas reflected on the sole of the foot and study the treatment procedures.

Versatile and innovative tool for Foot Reflexology. Complete 3D anatomical model of the foot with all reflected areas divided by apparatus and with a list of treatment protocols.
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Features of the app

  • Map of areas
  • Tabs of each area with indication of:
    • Explanation of reflection
    • Anatomical location
    • Recommended massage technique
    • Indications
  • Filter by apparatus
  • Theoretical insights:
    • History of Foot Reflexology
    • The feet and the map
    • Working technique
    • Devices and their reflexes in the foot
  • Custom procedures
  • Community sharing features
  • Searches and filters
  • Single license for all devices

Include: AnatomyMap

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License: Multiplatform


Scientific curator

Barbara Milanesio
Herbalist and Naturopath specializing in Foot Reflexology and Bach Flowers.

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To view the webapp correctly, some minimum system requirements are required:
- an Internet connection
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- a browser for internet browsing
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Development and support team

The iáomai" team is constantly working to keep the application up to date, in content and functionality.
This is an important prerogative that allows us to constantly offer the best possible product. For this purpose, feedback from users is essential, which with their requests and reports allow continuous improvement.
AcupointsMap¹ was born from the needs of users interested in having a versatile and useful tool for their work.

Unlimited updates

With the license of iáomai, you will be able to download all structural updates, bug fixes and basic content for free.
If there will be paid implementations, you will be notified with a message in the App and via Email and you can choose whether or not to buy them. The basic features purchased with the main license will be retained forever on your devices and in the online version.

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